Unlock Special Deals and Discounts for Anoka County Recreational Events

Discover special offers & discounts for attending recreational events in Anoka County. Explore free community meals, physical activity opportunities & more.

Unlock Special Deals and Discounts for Anoka County Recreational Events

Are you in search of special offers or discounts for attending a recreational event in Anoka County? Look no further! All employees in the county are members of the MERSC (Minnesota Employee Services and Recreation Council), which provides discounts at both the state and national levels. You can also find specific information about your community's offerings by visiting the city parks and recreation departments. Anoka County parks offer a wide range of recreational and educational activities throughout the park system. There are activities available for all ages and abilities in a variety of locations.

You can register online for recreation programs, classes, and camps, and Visa, MasterCard, and Discover are accepted. If you're looking for free community meals, there is a list of options available to individuals and families throughout the year. You can also find information about parks, trails, campgrounds, and programs in Anoka County. Community education classes are available to all members of the community through Anoka County school districts.

If you're looking for physical activity opportunities for older adults in Anoka County, there is a list of options available. The mighty Mississippi River and the Rum River are retreating in Anoka County after weeks of mild to moderate flooding. Anoka County parks are proud to partner with Connexus Energy to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Wildlife Outreach program. There is also a monthly calendar with all the free food options available in Anoka County, as well as information about Meals on Wheels services specific to Anoka County residents (60 years and older).

We encourage you to explore the Partnership Program, where students can enjoy the outdoors in fall, winter, and spring at a reduced price. Finally, there is a list of seasonal markets and farms where you can buy fresh local produce and other products. Take advantage of these amazing offers and discounts to make your recreational experience in Anoka County even more enjoyable! With so many options available, you're sure to find something that fits your needs.