Race ParticipantRules & Regulations

The Blaine Triathlon abides by official USAT Triathlon rules and regulations, the governing body for the sport.

*NEW RULE FOR WEARING WETSUITS with a thickness measured in any part greater than five millimeters shall be disqualified. (Check with the Manufacturer to make sure your suit meets the 5-millimeter limitation) : Pay attention to CPSC-approved helmets. You must wear the swim cap provided by the Blaine Triathlon.

Event Marshals will be positioned on each course to enforce participant adherence to all rules and regulations. Any penalties and disqualifications will be posted on the timing board adjacent to the finish line.

All athletes are responsible for adhering to these guidelines to ensure a safe and fair event. We encourage new athletes especially to review details in full. * Athletes are assigned to their age group based on their birthday on 12/31/2015. Please note that age categories, according to USA Triathlon, are established based on your birth year rather than your age on race day. This means your race age will be the same for all sanctioned events for an entire calendar year. To find your race age, subtract your birth year from the current year.

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USAT sanctioning ensures all event safety plans have been carefully reviewed by experienced USAT staff and that proper insurance coverage is in place. We welcome USAT officials to enforce and promote the guidelines set forth by the governing body for the sport.

All participants must either be annual members of USAT or purchase one-day license for $12 during registration. To learn more about USAT membership visit their website at www.usatriathlon.org.